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Reliable Skin Cancer Care Center

The Skin Cancer Treatment Center; Your Go-To Reliable Cancer Care Center

Skin cancer of any form can be so devastating to just anyone. Living with such conditions alone is enough to drain someone off the will and zeal for a healthy life. The costs for treating the conditions inclusive of surgeries is as well challenging to meet. For all these reasons, The Skin Care Treatment Center offers cutting-edge alternative treatment plans, with the most reliable, fast and professional service you may ever need. If you are looking for skin cancer treatment in Oklahoma City, consider the following as our service scope.  

Basic Cell Carcinoma 

Among all the available types of skin cancer, Basal cell carcinoma is the most common one. Usually, it is found in sun-exposed areas, mostly on the neck, face and arms. The good news with this type of cancer is that it is not life-threatening and does not spread to the blood or lymph vessels. One challenge that arises when looking for basal cell carcinoma treatment in Oklahoma City is the detection complications since it often mimics an infected area or hair. Our Oklahoma City skin cancer treatment for this type includes radiation therapy, Mohs surgery, surgical excision and topical chemotherapy.

Malignant Melanoma 

This is the most aggressive among all the skin cancer types and can spread through blood and lymph vessels to other organs. Most melanomas come about through sun exposure and occur on men's backs and mostly on women's legs. The other sad part is that it can just happen anywhere on the body, even the least of your expectation, from the scalp, groin, buttocks to between the toes and just any other place. Early detection is one of the best campaigns towards malignant melanoma treatment in Oklahoma City, and that is what we try our best to do.  

Squamous Cell Carcinoma 

As the second most common type of skin cancer, squamous cell carcinoma is found in sun-exposed areas. One wrong side of it is the potential of spreading through the blood and lymph vessels to other organs. Notably, the possibility of spreading from the lip, ears, and scalp generally starts as a precancerous lesion called actinic keratosis.  Our squamous cell carcinoma treatment in Oklahoma City includes radiation therapy, Mohs surgery, surgery, and many more. 

Our General Treatment Plans 

At the Skin Cancer Treatment Center, we employ various techniques for skin cancer treatment in Oklahoma City. All of which are geared towards offering individualized treatment plans for all our patients. Mohs Micrographic Surgery works to handle some aggressive conditions such as basal cell and squamous cell. Radiation Therapy, on the other hand, is one of the best alternatives to surgery for certain skin cancers. One thing that stands out with Radiation Therapy is that it is painless with superior results than surgical treatment.
Whether you are looking for the most reliable treatment options for your condition, we assure you of the most cutting-edge solutions. From surgical to non-surgical, we are the go-to providers of all possible skin cancer treatment. 

The Skin Cancer Treatment Center
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